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7 Essential Tools for UI/UX Designers07/27/2022

7 Essential Tools for UI/UX Designers

Every artist needs tools. A painter has his brush. A writer has his pen – or a word processor. In a similar vein, a designer has some unique instruments in their arsenal to help them realize their art. When the client wants to see the final design or layout, the UI/UX Designer falls back on a bevy of tools to make a prototype.

10 must-have Skills for a UX Designer07/27/2022

10 must-have Skills for a UX Designer

Like many other professionals, a user experience designer possesses a unique set of skills that help them to do their job. To say a UX Designer just needs design skills is like saying that all a writer does is put sentences together. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A writer has to be adept at research, planning, plot development, storytelling, organisational skills, editing skills, and a strong sense of discipline.